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Best iris cctv software

Blue Iris CCTV Software, Hikvision ds-2cd2032-i Camera Pros & Cons in 2019

Home security is a very part of our life and if not taken seriously, it can end up having dire consequences. One of the most important components of home security is video surveillance. This is because video surveillance allows you to take a record of events that happened when you were away, therefore when something happens such as a burglary, you are able to trace whoever did it using the recorded footage.

 I have already highlighted a review of some of the best video surveillance equipment previously . However, i had focused on the physical equipment and not the software that runs them. Today i want to do a comprehensive review on Blue Iris Software. This is the best video surveillance software that i have come across hands down and today i want to share with you why i and thousands of other people who have used it, think so.

Blue iris is a software by a company called Perspective software. It was released many years ago and has since been improved every year to be a robust platform to host your video surveillance cameras. So What This CCTV Software Can do for You ?

 Here are some of the things that this software can do for you;

  1. It can enable you to add up-to 60 cameras without paying any additional cost for them compared to other pieces of software that will only give you an allowance for one or two cameras for free and then charge you extra for the others. This means that if you have a big area you want to put under surveillance, then you can just buy the additional cameras without worrying about digging even deeper into your pockets.
  2. If you have bought cameras that are not listed on the Blue Iris interface when you first put it on, you can still add the camera to the software by using its IP address and host name.
  3. If you have limited storage space, you can set up this software so that it only records when certain things happen; for example when someone passes under a camera's view or if someone starts making noises next to the camera. The system can be set up to start recording when these events occur. You can also select the area of coverage that you would like to record so that when someone passes through that specific area, the system starts recording.
This will help you to deal with things such as a flag being waved by the wind that can set of unnecessary alarms. You can also use a combination of those triggers namely; audio, movement and certain areas of the monitor to set off recording or set off the alarm.

 4. You can easily set up different profiles for different times of the day. For example if you want motion detectors to be set off at night, then you can set it up under the night profile. If you also want certain cameras on or off at certain times of the day, you can also set it up in the profile. After setting up the profiles, you just need to schedule them according to how you want them to operate.

 5. In case you do not want to personally be looking at the screen when the software is running, you can set it up so that the person you put in charge does not have access to edit or alter the nature of the footage.

 6. Blue iris video surveillance software also supports applications by the major smartphone companies around, therefore you can also have access, view and control your cameras from the comfort of your smartphone.

7. You can also set the recorded footage to be stored in separate folders and automatically archived on the web. Therefore in case a robber comes and steals your DVR, you can retrieve the same footage online from anywhere that has internet access.

  Cons of The Blue Iris 

For every good thing made by man, there must be a weakness to it. For this system, it is the application that runs on apple devices. This application is not made by the company that made Blue Iris, namely Perspective Software, rather, it has been made by a third party company that charges 10$ for it.

Hikvision ds-2cd2032-i Camera Review

Hikvision is the world's leading supplier of video surveillance equipment. They also provide other solutions in the form of software. The ds-2cd2032-i camera is currently the best camera offered by them right now. Here are the reasons why;
  • You do not have to adjust the camera settings during the day or night because it has an infra red ray that automatically detects when to switch to night vision.
  • It still works well in humid conditions because of its high affinity to humidity. This means that when the weather is misty, it can still capture high quality footage.
  • It also has a clear wide angle view that will ensure that you get proper coverage of your house or compound.
  • The image resolution for this camera lens is 2048×1536, which ensures that you get high definition footage that will enable you to see clearly.
  • The ds-2cd2032-i also enables you to set various security systems such as filtering computers by their ip addresses, placing watermarks in the footage being recorded in real time and also setting up various user authentication systems before an administrator can log into it.

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